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Suze Orman recommends her trusted long term care insurance professional, Phyllis Shelton.

"You can see how transformative these policies are. They provide people with dignity, options, choices, access...They keep families together." - Honey Leveen

Suze discusses the importance of LTC planning in her new book

LTCi Specialist Private Consultation

Welcome Suze Orman fans and those curious about long term care insurance (LTCi). Schedule a one-on-one consultation with Phyllis Shelton’s team of LTC insurance specialists.

Phyllis Shelton is the President of Got LTCi, part of a long-term care insurance outreach that she founded in 1991. She is widely considered to be the leading long-term care insurance sales trainer in the country. 

Her book, Protecting Your Family with Long-Term Care Insurance, provides cutting edge information about all phases of financing long-term care. Suze Orman says “Long-term care insurance for many is the most important insurance you can buy if you can afford it. Phyllis Shelton is the only person I trust to keep me up to date on what I need to know. Read this book.”

Honey Leveen has had a solo practice specializing in long-term care insurance (LTCi) since 1990. She places her client’s best interests first. Honey has placed almost 3,000 LTCi policies has seen firsthand how transformative LTCi ownership is for people and families. This is what makes her so passionate about the importance of long-term care planning, way ahead of need.

She enjoys outreach and has spoken widely to professional, trade and lay groups. She has been quoted in national media and published in trade journals. She is visible on social media and blogs at www.honeyleveen.com.

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