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Marketing Innovation Webinar Series

Agent Webinar_ Building Your Brand (1)

Episode 1: Building Your Reputation

Marc Glickman and guest Steven Sless discuss building a reputation in the LTC market, marketing channels to use to attract new clients, and connecting with media and COI to spread their message.

Episode 2: Growing Your Business on LinkedIn

Marc welcomes guest Chris Roehm, a Certified Financial Planner who has grown his business by becoming a self-taught LinkedIn expert. Chris will discuss how to effectively use LinkedIn as a sales tool to increase connections, engagement, and sales to grow your business.

Episode 3: Top LTCi Specialist Shares His Secrets

LTCi Pro Matt McCann consistently sells hundreds of thousands of dollars of LTCi each year. We will go behind the scenes where he shares his process for generating leads, converting them into clients, and growing his business.

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