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What Our Community Says

Rhonda Vry-Bills, CLTC
Rhonda Vry-Bills, CLTC LTCi Specialist

I love working with BuddyIns!

BuddyIns provides state of the art technology in marketing o keep me focused on what I do best, which is saving one family at a time from the consequences of of a physical, financial, and emotional event that happens to their loved ones. 

Linda Thalheimer, CLTC, RIPC
Linda Thalheimer, CLTC, RIPC LTCi Specialist

A Magnificent Resource

BuddyIns is a magnificent resource for long term care education and the partnering of financial specialists with long term care specialists. They have doubled my business. 

Phyllis Shelton
Phyllis Shelton President, Got LTCi

The Best Decision

Working with Marc Glickman and his team at BuddyIns is one of the best decisions I have made in my 35 year career in long term care insurance. Everything they do is first class and designed to unify and advance the LTC insurance industry. 

Renee Caldwell
Renee Caldwell LTCi Specialist

Making it Easier

Being a part of LTCPG and also partnering with Marc and Phyllis in the last few years has brought me the most satisfying career. The cutting edge technology and constant learning has made it easy to help families with their LTC planning. So grateful to be a part of these incredible groups!


Lori Martin, CLTC
Lori Martin, CLTC LTCi Specialist

A Satisfying Career

My partnership with LTCPG, Phyllis Shelton, and BuddyIns has led me to the most satisfying career and I am so grateful. Knowing that I have a role in providing clients with financial security and emotional peace of mind with a LTC insurance policy is an awesome feeling!

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The Buddy System is a wealth of information for agents, specialists, and other professionals looking to expand their knowledge of long term care insurance, sales and marketing, and other useful topics.