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Agent Webinar LTCi Show Tell (3)

Financial Professionals Webinar: LTCi: Show or Tell?

How do you present strategies and solutions to clients in a compelling way that moves them to take action? Join the BuddyIns team as they present new sales tools that can build a stronger and more visual narrative around LTCi leverage. It’s a makeover for your LTCi sales process. Find out how the all-new Benefit Buddy transforms the LTCi discussion, and how you can use technology to personalize and transform your LTCi discussion with clients.

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An innovative learning resource platform

  • High quality educational webinars for clients and advisors with transparent tools and analytics that encourage continued engagement.
  • Supports relationship-building for sales pipeline.
  • Respect for the advisor/client relationship.
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Leverage our LTC knowledge and technology centered around a relationship with you

  • Includes a toolbox for underwriting, pricing, education and marketing automation.
  • Provide a streamlined experience for clients and specialists.
  • Analytics-driven approach identifies clients who are the most interested and at the most important engagement times
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Your current contract won't change

  • We respect relationships and you can work with your agency of choice.
  • A client-centric approach helps you expand the possibilities for clients.
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Our Relationship with LTC Insurance Specialists

  • Experienced and active specialists who share our values and know our systems.
  • A streamlined process for the advisor’s clients in an environment of respect.

Our Impact

"Rhonda was very helpful, and gave me plenty to think about. She was organized in her presentation. And she explained things very simply."

Linda B, NC

"Rhonda is amazing and really helped me understand this process from start to finish seamlessly."

Gina G., IL

"Tobe has been outstanding to work with in her knowledge and professionalism. She makes a very complicated topic understandable and took the time to walk me through each part of the process. She was very prompt in getting back to me and made sure that no question went unanswered."

Georgene Q., TX

"Tobe provided a lot of great information. I am glad you told us about the international coverage aspects for US LTC policies."

Anonymous, OR

"[Honey took] many hours of your time holding our hands and supporting us on this journey of purchasing an LTC that best fit our needs. It provided reassurance and peace of mind whenever I am thinking about the future when we are getting old. That was really meaningful to me."

Yan J., MD

"Honey, thank you so much for taking the time to help me understand all of this. [Honey is] truly wonderful and I’ve recommended you [her] to my friends."

Cynthia H., CA

"Honey reviewed my current LTC policy and helped to me to see that I have a good one. Not once did Honey try to sell me anything. That speaks volumes about her integrity as a long term care insurance advisor! I will definitely be recommending Honey to anyone wanting to open a long term care policy."


"I was so pleased with this fast response. Honey is so polite and helpful. She asked the necessary questions and then spent time researching what type of policy and what company would work best for me. We used phone conversations, email, and Zoom meetings all of which were helpful. She explained each step in the process. As in all businesses insurance has their own language and she [my specialist] made sure I understood all vocabulary and aspects of my policy. I feel that she found a policy that will help keep me out of a traditional nursing home (which is a concern of mine). Already, knowing I have this policy in place is giving me peace of mind."

Robin, U., OH

"She really cares about getting clients the best possible policy for them. Her friendliness and willingness to answer my many questions made this process easy. Something I have needed to do for quite some time turned out to be easy. I also feel confident that if I need Honey in the future she will be there for me."

Robin, U., OH

"My LTC discussion with Renee in one word was superb. She listened to my needs, finances and is exploring plans that might be available to me for my limited budget. I am very thankful to her and would highly recommend Renee to anyone who would like to explore LTC."

Linda M., NY

"She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced in this field, and so very patient with my lack of computer skills. I look forward to working with Linda to resolve my questions and get my long term plans finalized. As a single woman crossing into the world of aging, I now feel like I have someone who truly understands my concerns. Thank you again for doing what you do."

Rose W., VA

"Linda is very wise and detail-oriented which I appreciate. She was very thorough and helped explain things to me in laymen’s terms. I just felt soo much better after talking to her. She was very patient with all my many questions. I even called her again another day with more questions and she took my call after working hours. I feel more confident in my information gathering and decision."

Diane S.

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The Role of BuddyIns LTCi Specialists

Our LTCi Specialists are client-centered and dedicated to ensuring that clients are never just a number.

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  • Full-time dedication to long term care insurance
  • Years of on-the-ground experience that gives them unique insights into the products and processes
  • Experts in underwriting, products, and offering a portfolio of solutions
  • Committed to staying current on new products and use cases

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