What Do the Experts Think About Long Term Care Insurance? ​

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Join Marc Glickman, Actuary and long term care insurance expert, and John Chapman, Financial Planner and host of the John Chapman Show, for an entertaining conversation about why long term care planning is so important for your retirement.

Marc and John will discuss what long term care is, how to plan for it as part of your retirement, and how to find the best value with insurance.

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7 Insurance Solutions to LTC Planning


Long term care costs continue to rise, and more people are facing the challenge of how to pay for their care. Most people mistakenly believe that Medicaid will cover the cost of care, not realizing that they would first have to significantly spend down their assets. The good news is there are many insurance solutions […]

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Understanding Your Long Term Care Options

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Knowing the long term care options that are available to you is an important starting point when planning for the future. It’s important to think about where you want to live and what type of care you believe you might need.  Most people want to stay in their homes, but it’s not the right choice […]

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California proposes payroll tax to fund long term care

California Proposes Payroll Tax to Fund Long Term Care Benefit

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Updated as of 9/28/2022 The nation’s most populous state has taken preliminary steps to implement a payroll tax. The California payroll tax may fund a small amount of state-provided long term care (LTC) coverage, but there are many questions about what the legislation might include. While we await more specific information about this proposed California […]

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