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What Do the Experts Think About Long Term Care Insurance? ​

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Join Marc Glickman, Actuary and long term care insurance expert, and John Chapman, Financial Planner and host of the John Chapman Show, for an entertaining conversation about why long term care planning is so important for your retirement.

Marc and John will discuss what long term care is, how to plan for it as part of your retirement, and how to find the best value with insurance.

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How to Find the Right Care Provider

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When it comes to finding an extended care facility, you don’t have to go it alone. Watch as Marc Glickman, CEO of BuddyIns, interviews Jodi Glacier, an elder care placement expert, about how she approaches finding appropriate extended care resources and facilities. Learn more about the process of finding the right care provider.

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Aging: Part Science, Therapy, and Art


Healthy aging is not something that should be left to chance. There’s an art and a science to aging that, when combined, can help people live healthier lives in their senior years.

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