LTC Protects Son with Disability

I’m often called in when clients aren’t satisfied with hastily created long term care proposals.

Karen is a music teacher (NEA member) and together with her husband had been working with their financial advisor on long term care insurance. They were provided with quotes from several different carriers but the advisor did not ask any health questions and gave them quotes at a select rate for both.

Client Motivation

The couple have a disabled son. They were seeking long term care protection to ensure that their son is not adversely impacted in the event that they need care.

Financial Background

Budget was a big concern due to some recent financial challenges, but Karen felt it was important to fit LTCi into their long-term plan.

Health Snapshot

After receiving additional information, it turned out that Karen’s husband was not insurable with any of our companies and Karen appeared to be “class 1” with Mutual of Omaha (best company offer).


Karen was eventually approved at Class 1 with a top carrier and she was very pleased when I gave her the news.  Although we were not able to offer the security benefit for her uninsurable spouse due to her receiving the class 1 rate.  However, having at least one of them insured gave her a great deal of peace.

Karen appreciated the fact that we were able to work with her to tailor a policy for everything that she outlined in her goals and budget and get her an individual plan with a top carrier.

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long term care specialist

Rhonda Leach-Potter

Rhonda Leach-Potter is a long term care specialist who believes in the value that long term care can bring to families and over the years has brought advice and guidance to thousands of consumers.

By simply listening to what is important to a family, Rhonda can help them address their concerns and find a solution that fits their budget. Rhonda has been a caregiver and has created her own long term care plan.

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