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The Top 3 Myths of Annuities

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"Well, I would say in short, I read all of the annuity contracts and the life insurance contracts. We have a website at where we have a massive database of life insurance and annuity products that people can search on."

- Sheryl Moore

On today’s episode of The Insurance Experts, it’s my pleasure to have on once again, Sheryl Moore. As you may recall from our last interview, Sheryl is an annuity expert. She is frequently debunking annuity myths. Today we tackle the top 3 myths that Sheryl comes across.

Myths can come from an underlying cause or experience that has been popularized to represent the whole market. Because there are actually many different types of annuities, it can be inappropriate to overgeneralize. If there are a dozen major types of annuities, then there are a variety of tools that can fit clients in different situations.

Top 3 Myths of Annuities:

  1. Are annuities expensive and do all annuities have high fees?
  2. Do annuities have liquidity?
  3. What is the residual value of annuities if the insured passes away early?

Watch the video as we touch upon both the myths and realities of the annuity marketplace.

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