Work Hard. Create LTC Plan. Retire Early.


Being part of a planning process that provides independence and peace of mind is something that I’ve always loved about my profession.

Sarah is a successful, high-powered corporate consultant. Her entire life is spent flying around the country to meet with clients. She has a home in California but rarely spends any time there. She lives in hotels and her office overnights her mail from her office. She reads and returns emails between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Client Motivation

Two of Sarah’s grandparents required extended care. It was and as a result of witnessing that, she realized that she didn’t want to be dependent on her family. 

Financial Background

Sarah is building significant assets to retire in 18 years. To her, that retirement money is autonomy, freedom, and control of her circumstances. She wants to preserve her ability to choose her own path even if she needs care.

In addition, she had two other stipulations: If she didn’t need long term care, she wanted to get money back and the plan had to be fully paid up by the time she retired in 18 years. This way the entire cost would be covered by her company and be tax deductible, and she wouldn’t have to pay premium once she retired.

Health Snapshot

Client had no previous health issues.


We applied for a plan from an A+ rated carrier which fulfilled all her requirements: 

  1. Protect her retirement assets
  2. Be fully paid by her company by the time she retires
  3. Return money if she doesn’t need care.

She received the application by email and signed it online from a hotel room before running to catch her next flight.By the time she retires, she will have a sizable benefit pool that will provide a substantial monthly benefit for care. 

Working as a Team

A few months after the policy was issued, Sarah called back looking for assistance with key person insurance for her business and a personal umbrella liability policy, so I referred her back to the financial planner who referred her to me! She now has a team of financial professionals working on her behalf.

long term care specialist

David Lilien

With 25 years in the financial and insurance industry, David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing, sales, business development and product management. David has an unusual ability to position complex concepts so they are easy to understand, simple to sell and service, and provide a sustainable competitive advantage through excellent long term client satisfaction. A Certified Product Manager and member of the Society of Industry Leaders, he has successfully launched new businesses, increased profitability of existing programs and created and led multi-billion dollar sales initiatives.

David is a frequent guest speaker at industry and sales meetings, has appeared on Money Talk and been interviewed by the Wall St. Journal. Named the Leavitt Scholar in Economics, David holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Boston University. 

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