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Long-term insurance can be complicated. Allow experienced, trusted sources to explain it. Phyllis Shelton, President of GotLTCI.com, chats with Marc Glickman, Actuary and CEO of BuddyIns, to answer your most frequently asked questions about long term care insurance; including what it is, the best age to purchase, how much coverage should cost, how it compares to self-funding, and more.​



Suze discusses the importance of LTC planning in her new book.

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Marc Glickman, FSA, CLTC, LTCP, is CEO and co-founder of BuddyIns.com; a community of long term care planning experts. His mission is to help families across the country get an LTC plan and to support the 44 million caregivers in the US. Marc is an Actuary by profession and a licensed insurance agent. He is a graduate of Yale University with a degree in Economics. He lives in Southern California with his wife and two kids.

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Phyllis Shelton is the President of Got LTCi, part of a long-term care insurance outreach that she founded in 1991. She is widely considered to be the leading long-term care insurance sales trainer in the country.

Her book, Protecting Your Family with Long-Term Care Insurance, provides cutting edge information about all phases of financing long-term care. Suze Orman says “Long-term care insurance for many is the most important insurance you can buy if you can afford it. Phyllis Shelton is the only person I trust to keep me up to date on what I need to know. Read this book.”