How Do Long Term Care Experts Open the Planning Conversation?

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“It’s a conversation that advisors don’t like to have normally. It’s really as simple as asking them, what has your experience been with long term care? Have you had family members or anybody else affected by that? You say that and the next thing you know, hold on for the next half hour, you’re going to hear some really interesting stories that you’ve never heard from your client.” – Michael Boho

On this episode of The Insurance Experts, I have a conversation with Michael Boho, who is a retirement planning specialist with a particular passion for long term care and Medicare. Michael shares his tips for opening up the long term care planning conversation, which can be an emotional topic.

Michael tells a story of a business partner, Bill, who did not own a long term care insurance policy even though they were focused on offering it to clients. That evening, Michael worked with Bill to put together a plan for his family.

Fast forward to years later, and Michael learned that Bill had passed away. Michael drove up to the funeral and ran into some of Bill’s employees, his daughter, and his wife. Bill’s family thanked Michael for convincing Bill to get the long term care insurance policy. It turned out for the last six plus years he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he needed round-the-clock care for all those years. He had enough coverage that they didn’t have to dip into their retirement savings and his wife and family were enjoying life as they had planned.

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