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“If you want to server a high net worth base of clients, you really have to be a specialist. You know, if you were facing a life-threatening health problem would you go to a general doctor or a specialist? Everybody wants to work with specialist.” – Claire Akin

On today’s episode of Financial Planning Innovation, Claire Akin of Indigo Marketing Agency joins us to discuss digital innovation in financial services marketing. Claire has a passion for financial professionals as her dad is a top advisor and she began her career as a financial advisor herself. Marketing can be tough in financial services. So, she created a business to help advisors reach more people through their marketing.

In this video, Claire shares her top tips for digital marketing. Claire specializes in helping agents and advisors with everything from websites, SEO, content marketing, social media, and webinars. Financial services professionals spend so much time working with clients, servicing accounts, accounting, and compliance that it’s tough to find time to prospect and outreach. That’s where the digital marketing can be an advisor’s biggest asset. However, digital marketing has become more complex from a technology perspective.

I cover this topic in a recent article that you can read on Inside the Mind of an Actuary.

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She also wrote a book on the topic, which I read, and highly recommend. You can buy the book on Amazon here: The Marketing Guide For Financial Advisors By Claire Akin, MBA.

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