Your Custom Long Term Care Options

Due to the overwhelming demand for LTC insurance in Washington, and products that are medically underwritten, policies likely will no longer be issued in time to meet the state's November 1, 2021 deadline. You may be able to purchase coverage that is more robust and that may supplement state-provided coverage. If you purchased meaningful coverage and want information on how to apply for an exemption to opt out of the WA payroll tax, click here.

The State of Washington has passed a bill that helps address the high cost of long term care. This new law will assess a payroll tax on all employees to provide a minimum amount of long term care services. You can choose to purchase your own long term care plan that may qualify you to opt out of the payroll tax. Follow the steps below to begin your long term care discovery and planning process.

Step 1: Learn About Your Options and Compare Plans

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WA Trust Act vs LTCi (1)

Step 2: Frequently Asked Questions

Step 3: Complete the Important Health Information