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Why Physician Residents Should Consider Disability Insurance

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"What's cool about working with resident doctors is that they know they need disability insurance. Their largest asset... is their ability to earn an income. If they can't hold a scalpel 'just-so' or diagnose a patient, they're out 5, 10, 15, 20 million dollars (over their careers)." 

- Christine Cox-West

Welcome to The Insurance Experts, a weekly spot for planning stories and strategies that matter to you. Need help with long term care planning? Learn about LTC on our free consumer webinars. Schedule a meeting here to learn more.

On today’s episode of The Insurance Experts, I interview Christine Cox-West who is a disability insurance specialist. In particular, she is passionate about working with Resident Doctors.

Christine and I discuss why disability insurance is important to resident doctors and some of the strategies that she uses for the Residents.

Watch this video as Christine shares a cautionary tale about a Resident who had received an offer for disability insurance in a group setting, but lost the great offer when the Resident was no longer a part of the group even though health hadn’t changed.

There are a lot of similarities between disability and long term care including the importance of locking in a plan when you have the opportunity. It’s important to work with a specialist to find the plan that’s the best fit for your situation.

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