Teachers Protect Their Life Savings

Scott Olson, a top long term care insurance specialist, shares an LTCi strategy that helped his clients, both teachers, protect their life savings in the event of needing care. It also made sure they were able to provide for their special needs son at the same time

Scott Olson

Scott Olson

With 23 years of experience in the long-term care insurance industry, Scott has helped thousands of consumers obtain long-term care coverage that was right for them. 

Scott was born and raised in New Jersey and attended Rutgers University. He began his insurance career in the mid-eighties, then switched gears and spent four years doing charitable work in the Caribbean. In 1995, he re-entered the insurance industry focusing exclusively on long term care insurance.

Along with being a sought-after speaker, Scott has published a book, Simple LTC Solution: How to Protect Your Life’s Savings with a Long-Term Care Partnership Program.  It is available on Amazon. 

Scott and his wife, Carolyn, have four sons and they live on Camano Island in the state of Washington.

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