No Way! You Can Do That With An HSA?

A successful business executive and life-long bachelor didn't think he needed a long term care plan. Find out what motivated him to abandon his original plan to "self insure" and opt instead for long term care insurance.

Scott Olson

Teachers Learn How to Use LTCi to Protect Assets

Renowned LTCi expert, Scott Olson, tells the story of two clients, both teachers, who were looking for a way to protect their special needs son and their assets.

LTC Planning When You're Already in Crisis

Annalee Kruger, president of Care Right Inc., has helped hundreds of families work through the incredibly difficult process of crisis care. Find out how she steps into these emotional situations and manages to create a workable plan for care.

Cassandra Watson

A No-Frills Plan to Manage Cash Flow

With retirement on the horizon, grandchildren to spend time with, and rental properties to manage, find out how one couple planned for their future and protected assets for their children.

long term care specialist

As Parents Age, Reality Sets In

Who does the burden of care fall to when a loved is in a health crisis? Like many Americans, this couple started thinking about a long term care plan after experiencing the prospect of their own parents' enhanced care needs.

long term care specialist

An LTC Plan for a Back-to-Basics Lifestyle

Having a plan in place can provide tremendous peace of mind. After downsizing and moving in with their son, the next step for this couple was to ensure that they had a long term care plan in place. Find out why this was so important to this family.

long term care specialist

Work Hard. Plan Well. Retire Early.

As a successful corporate consultant, Sarah is building significant assets with the goal of retiring early. Read about what motivated her to create a long term care plan and how she's managing her overall financial goals.

long term care specialist

Saving a Family Business

After a family is nearly torn apart by an extended caregiver experience, this couple decides that creating a long term care plan will ensure the viability of their business and protect their son from the burden of caregiving.

long term care specialist

Concerned for Disabled Son, Teacher Seeks LTC Plan

This teacher and her husband have a disabled son. They were seeking long term care protection to ensure that their son is not adversely impacted if they need care.

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