Insurance Strategies and Government-Funded Long Term Care

Learn about funding options and how to supplement basic coverage

Thursday, March 11th at 10a PT/1p ET


You may have heard the adage not to rely on the Government to provide for long term care. Medicare doesn't pay for LTC and Medicaid is the plan of last resort. It is less commonly known that there are insurance strategies for families in the middle that can coordinate with Medicaid in many states.

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Discussion Topics

Learn about the LTC Partnership Program and Medicaid-Compliant Annuities.

How to coordinate a long term care plan with Medicaid.

Learn about real people who have benefited from these strategies.


Dale Krause

J.D.; LL.M; CEO of Krause Financial Services

Marc Glickman

CEO of BuddyIns; Actuary; Long term care expert

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